Based on the principle of: Invest in quality, Pay less for maintenance. An Argentina famous biotechnology company select Vikumer lyophilization solution, for their drugs produce, use freeze drying technology. The freeze dryer (maquina liofilizadora) FD-5L-TP-CIP-SIP will use for vaccines production.

FD-5L-TP-CIP-SIP Parameters

The Vikumer FDL-TP pharmaceutical lyophilizers are large scale freeze dryers, especially designed for production of high value pharmaceutical products. Suit freeze drying of vaccines and injectable formulations, aseptic production in vials or bulk medicines in trays.

FDL-TP lyophilizers are modular structure, that door can be installed through the clean room wall, systems which in machinery room is easy to maintain. Entire freeze dry system fully meet GMP directives, and control system programmed according to 21CFR Part11.

Vials Capacity φ16 *21000, φ22 *10800, φ24 *9250
Shelves Area 5.4m2
No. of Shelves 5+1
Shelf Size 900*1200mm
Shelf Spacing 120mm
Shelf Temp. -55C ~ +70C
Vacuum <1Pa
Condenser 50L/24Hrs, 100L Total
Condenser Temp. -85C
Power 28Kwh
Size (mm) 2000*4800*3250
CIP Water 150L/Min
SIP Steam 100Kgs/Hr
Pharmaceutical lyophilizer freeze dryer FD-5L-TP-CIP-SIP

Vikumer Freeze Dry

Vikumer Freeze Dry is an innovation leader in the development of freeze dryers and lyophilizers. A known manufacturer in China, machines known of economical, we focus on optimize your productivity and guarantee your long-term profit.

Choosing a new lyophilizer is tough. Often, its purchase price is one of the deciding factors. But solely considering the initial cost is not enough to make an informed decision. Contact Vikumer team and see what their solutions boost your business health growth!