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Tray Bulk Freeze Dryer

FDL Tray Freeze Dryer

An Economic Freeze Drying Solution For Bulk Material

The Vikumer FDL tray Freeze dryers are versatile apply in pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and food fields. Meet freeze drying demand of bulk material include solid, liquid, paste, powder or granular shape.

Raw product loaded in trays and placed in drying chamber, the machine will automatically freeze it, vacuumize the drying chamber and later apply heat to it enable sublimating and drying.

Designed keep in mind of versatility and multi-function, the FDL lyophilizers are high automation. Automatic freeze drying from start to end, from raw product freezing to drying end.

To accommodate the high production capacity between commercial and industries. The FDL lyophilizer trays area up to 55 square meters, coupling with condenser capacity up to 1000kgs in 24hrs cycle.

Technical Details

Features & Benefits
System Performance
  • All-in-one structure, all components involved with the operation of FDL are mounted on a steel frame. Plug and Play deliver.
  • LYO-Mega Control system meet 21CFR Part11.
    • PLC and user-friendly touch screen control system, PC connectivity.
    • Control of the freeze dryer via a graphic HMI.
    • Alive display freeze dry system working status.
    • Freeze drying steps management.
    • Real-time freeze drying curve.
    • Drying data can download to USB memory.
    • Automatic and semi-automatic working.
  • Plates can be heated and chilled, capable of in-place freeze drying.
  • Rectangular drying chamber, temperature uniformity guarantee.
  • Main material SUS304 or 316L.
  • Various combination types of drying chamber and condenser.
  • Documents and validation package provide.

Superior Craftsmanship

  • Drying chamber and condenser are designed according to GB150 pressure vessel code and are fabricated from high quality stainless steel, inner surface fine polish Ra<0.4um. Internal components go through special treatment, no chipping, no distortion while huge temperature difference between freezing stage and sublimation stage.

Precise temperature control and uniformity guarantee

  • The rectangular drying chamber with PUF insulation layer is very good to control the temperature uniformity. Plus the delicate designed shelves energy balance system, can guarantee plates temperature variance <+/-1C, which is the insurance of high freeze dried quality.

Efficient Design

  • Plates heating and chilling rate >1C/min, enables flexible program freeze drying steps.

Fully Automatic Freeze Drying

  • The touch screen enables operator flexible program freeze drying steps; system can store hundreds of freeze drying recipes. Freeze dry system work as per settings, one step finish, another automatic start, until drying end.

Meet GMP


  • For all kinds of bulk materials includes pharmaceutical, biological, chemistry, nutrient etc.
  • Shelves Temp. -55C to +70C.
  • Shelves cooling +20C to –40C within 60min.
  • Shelves heating –40C to +20C within 60min.
  • Condenser final -85C.
  • Condenser cooling +20C to –40C within 30min.
  • Vacuum final <1Pa
  • Vacuum atm. to 0.1mbar within 30min.
  • Vacuum leakage ≤5x10-2mbarL/s.
  • Plates surface polish Ra<0.4um
  • Plates surface flatness <+/-0.5mm/m

Trays Area5.25~7.5m210.5~15m219.8~28.8m2
Shelves No.7~107~1011~16
Shelves Size1000*750mm1000*1500mm1200*1500mm

Trays Area29.7~43.2m248.6m2
Shelves No.11~1618
Shelves Size1800*1500mm1800*1500mm

*Low temperature models: Shelves -55C to +70C, couple with condenser -75C, Vacuum <1Pa.

*Classic models: Shelves -35C to +70C, couple with condenser -45C, Vacuum <15Pa.

FD-1L Freeze Dryer
FD-1L Freeze Dryer
1m2 trays area, 20L condenser.
FD-2L Freeze Dryer
FD-2L Freeze Dryer
2m2 trays area, 40L condenser.
FD-5L Freeze Dryer
5m2 trays area, 100L condenser.
FD-10L Freeze Dryer
10m2 trays area, 200L condenser.
FD-20L Freeze Dryer
20m2 trays area, 300L condenser.
FD-30L Freeze Dryer
30m2 trays area, 400L condenser.
FD-50L Freeze Dryer
50m2 trays area, 600L condenser.