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Questions To Ask Before Buy Food Freeze Drying Machine

What kind products mainly drying? Shelves need freezing function or not?

Knowing the eutectic temperature(freezing point)?
In vacuum freeze drying technology, we could interpret the eutectic temperature/freezing point means the temperature which products totally become solid in 1 atmosphere, Freezing is an important step in raw material pre-treatment, normally, for food freezing drying, the freezer temperature should be 10C or lower than food eutectic temperature.

Input capacity and output capacity?

How many kgs or liters raw material need drying per batch?

Or how many kgs freeze dried products is need?

Heaviest water in raw materials? Or moisture percentage in raw material?

Raw material loading way? Direct/bulk in trays or in special package?

If in special package we may also need the package size.

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