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Pilot production freeze dryer BFD50 range

Pilot production freeze dryer BFD50 range

BFD50 freeze dryers are versatile, fits a wide range of freeze drying application, from small laboratory investigation to pilot production. The machine offer up to 0.5m2 trays area and 10liters condenser capacity. Additionally, the freeze dryer combines many features of industrial larger systems, whether the excellent system performance or high advanced control system.


Technical Parameters:

Model BFD-50
Structure Box type, all-include, closed structure.
Shelves 4+1
Shelf Size 350*450mm
Shelves Temp. -30C to +60C
Ice Capacity 10L
Condenser Temp. -35C ~ -45C
Condenser Location Internal condenser,condensing coils beneath Shelf
Defrost Natural
Vacuum Degree <15Pa
Vacuum Pump Rate 8m3
Compressor Hermetic
Power Install 4.5kwh
Size 1000*800*1450mm
Weight 600kgs
Voltage 220V
Controller PLC + Touch Screen


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