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Pilot Freeze Dryer For Food

The BFD-F freeze dryers mainly for food products freeze drying include fruit, vegetables, pet food, cooked meals etc. Since the machines with compact size, So, they are pilot production scale with smaller capacity from 5kgs to 50kgs. Ideal for shops, small workshop or factory trial production etc. whom want start freeze drying lyophilization by small volume. These machines are commercial and industrial heavy duty, energy saving, compact size, but quick freezing drying.

BFD-50F Freeze Dryer
0.5m2 shelvew area, 5Kgs Condenser capacity.
BFD-100F Freeze Dryer
1m2 shelvew area, 10Kgs Condenser capacity.
BFD-200F Freeze Dryer
2m2 shelvew area, 20Kgs Condenser capacity.
BFD-500F Freeze Dryer
5m2 shelvew area, 50Kgs Condenser capacity.