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Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer FD-10L-TP

Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer FD-10L-TP

Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer FD-10L-TP

The Vikumer FD-10L-TP is a pharmaceutical lyophilizer mainly to perform injectable formulations freeze drying, vaccines for example. Machine designed fully meet cGMP and concepts of 21CFR Part11.

Main Benefits:

  1. 9.7m2 useable trays area, 200L/Batch condenser capacity.
  2. Can handle vials 2R to 30R and 5H to 100H.
  3. Robust structure, outstanding system performance, fit commercial heavy use.
  4. Entirely stainless steel 316L made, superior craftmanship.
  5. Options CIP, SIP and backup main components.
  6. Proudly made in China, by vikumer freeze dry, an innovation leader in the industry with 20 years experience.

Technical Data

Vials Capacity φ16 *37800 or φ22 *19400 or φ24 *16650
Shelves Area 9.7m2
No. of Shelves 9+1
Shelf Size 900*1200mm
Shelf Spacing 100mm
Shelf Temp. -55C ~ +70C
Vacuum <1Pa
Condenser 100L/24Hrs, 200L/Batch
Condenser Temp. -85C Final
Power 60Kwh
Size (mm) 1750*6200*3300mm
CIP Water 250L/Min
SIP Steam 150Kgs/Hr

System Performance

  • Shelves Temp. -55C ~ +70C .
  • Shelves cooling >1C/min (+20C ~ –40C < 60min).
  • Shelves heating >1C/min ( –40C to +20C < 60min).
  • Shelves temperature variance <+/-1C.
  • Shelves roughness Ra<0.6um.
  • Shelves flatness <+/-0.5mm/m.
  • Condenser Temp. final –85C.
  • Condenser cooling +20C to –40C < 30min.
  • System final vacuum <1Pa.
  • Chamber vacuumize to 0.1mbar < 30min.
  • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5x10-2mbarL/s.
  • Vacuum adjustable.


Vikumer FD-10L-TP Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer Operating

FD-10L-TP Operating

Vikumer FD-10L-TP Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer Drying Chamber View

FD-10L-TP Drying Chamber View

Vikumer FD-10L-TP Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer Overview Picture

FD-10L-TP Overview

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