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Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer Installed In Korea

Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer Installed In Korea

We help Korea customer build their freeze drying system, the plant include 1 set FD-10L, Freeze dryer machine(lyophilizer, liofilizador), use for pharmaceutical lyophilization, 1 set BFD-50P, use for laboratory investigation. The system working good and excellent performance.

System performance:

  • Shelves temperature: -50C to +70C
  • Shelves temprature tolerance: Heating <1C, freezing <2C.
  • Shelves temperature reduce: RT to -40C <60min
  • Shelves temperature raise: >1C/min
  • Condenser lowest temprature: -80C
  • Condenser temperature reduce: RT to -45C <30min
  • Final vacuum: <3Pa.
  • Vacuum speed: ATM to 133Pa <30min

System function:

  • PLC+Touch Screen control.
  • Machine working status real-time display.
  • Freezing drying data (shelf temp.,vacuum degree,material temp.) real-time display.
  • Freeze drying data display by curve and excel table.
  • Freeze drying recipe create,modify,storage.
  • Freeze drying history data storage.
  • Manual and Automatic working selectable.
  • Logic Interlock, strong protect parts damage from mis-operation, (main parts start based on ceretain condition).

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