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LYO liofilizador Send to Mexico

LYO liofilizador Send to Mexico

LYO freeze drying lyophilizer designed to fit high-end laboratories or research center, capable any rigorous lab study, valuable material storage or pilot production. Typically, the machine come with industrial grade control systems and functions, a bit complex than normal lyophilizers.


The LYO-120 shipped today specially designed for a laboratory that engage in pharmacy and biology. This machine 100% customized as per customer needs:

  • Installed size. Customer have size limit.
  • Total trays area.
  • Shelves and condenser temperature.
  • Additional function: PC software, Pneumatic controlled valves, Condenser and drying chamber isolation valve, All parts can easy find in markets in America area, Rich ports reserved for future upgrade.


LYO-120 General Spec.

Shelf area: 1.38m2

Shelves: 8+1

Trays size: 360*480mm

Plates temperature: -55C to +80C (Accuracy <1C)

Condenser: 20L

Condenser temperature: -85C

Main material: AISI316L.

Structure: All-include, all sides door can open for maintenance.

Control type: PLC based, Touch screen control, PC control (software provide).

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