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LGJ Benchtop Freeze Dryer

Laboratory Basic Research Benchtop Freeze Dryer

An economic freeze dryer with portable bench top design: compact size, simple structure, removable drying chamber and shelves, easy move/assembly/operate by touch screen controller. LGJ freeze dryers are the ideal freeze drying equipment for your lab research, experimental, even small scale production.

Configured to meet your demand, LGJ freeze dryer provide a removable shelf module ( 3~6 trays), Total trays area 0.08m2 to 0.27m2; Vapor collect condenser temperature can be -55C or -80C, 24hrs vapor collect capacity up to 4L.

7” Touch screen will real-time display raw material temperature, ice condenser temperature and vacuum level. Drying data can export to U-disk.

Technical Parameters
Features & Benefits

LGJ-10Type AType BType CType DType E/T
Drying Chamber Type A For LGJ-10 Lab Freeze DryerDrying Chamber Type B For LGJ-10 Lab Freeze DryerDrying Chamber Type C For LGJ-10 Lab Freeze DryerDrying Chamber Type D For LGJ-10 Lab Freeze DryerDrying Chamber Type ET For LGJ-10 Lab Freeze Dryer
Trays Quantity4pcs3pcs4pcs3pcs/
Tray SizeDia.200mmDia.180mmDia.200mmDia.180mm/
Chamber SizeФ260×430mmФ260x490mmФ260x465mmФ260x540mmH/430xW/480mm
Condenser Capacity4L
Condenser Temp.-55C/-80C
Vacuum degree<5Pa
Control TypeTouch Screen
Power Install1340W(-55C)/1520W(-80C)
Voltage110V/60Hz/1P, 220V/50-60Hz/1P
Machine Size(Without Drying chamber)615*450*370(-55C),850*680*410(-80C)

Main Features:

  • Portable bench top.
  • Freeze dryer and drying chamber 2 part. Easy assembly, operation and cleaning.
  • Acrylic see-through drying chamber.
  • Vertical cylindrical, smooth wall type condenser.
  • Up to 4L vapor collect capacity in 24hrs period.
  • Condenser can use for raw material freezing, freezing rack provide.
  • 2 stage oil sealed vacuum pump included in the package, system final vacuum degree <5Pa.
  • Vacuum pump connect freeze dryer by hose and quick loop.
  • 7" Full color touch screen monitor:
  • Real time display ice condenser & raw material temperature and vacuum degree.
  • Freeze drying curve and history curve display and export to U disk.
  • Manual vacuum break valve.
  • Manual defrosting water discharge valve.


To start a lyophilization experimentation, at the first stage, an inexpensive price freeze dryer with portable design maybe the best choice, it neither need a lot installation space nor complex to operate. LGJ Freeze dryers are special designed to fit your demands: portable benchtop design, inexpensive price, manifold adapter to select.


LGJ freeze dryers are compact size, but they are considered design and come with modular: freeze drying machine and drying chamber 2 part: inside drying chamber, shelf rack also is removable. Which means you can dismount both the drying chamber and the shelf rack easily, for cleaning, maintenance or change adapters to fit different lab test needs.


By change drying chamber or adapter, the LGJ freeze dryer can achieve different functions: tray bulk loading & drying, vials stoppering & drying, drying in flask or ampoule bottle.

Additionally, the see-through acrylic drying chamber also enable you monitoring the material drying condition at any time.