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Freeze Drying Plant

Food Freeze Drying Plant

With the technology improve and customer pay more attention to health and organic, freeze dried food now is popular in market, snacks, cooked meals, fruit, vegetables with affordable price.

Compare with other dehydration drying method use higher temperature and continues working that could process tons in one hour, freeze drying working by batch and each batch (or every day, 24hrs) only process MAX 2500kgs raw material, after freeze dried, products’ weight only 5% to 10% compare original. So, more freeze dryers are needed.

Mostly, the freeze drying plant include several individual food freeze dryers/lyophilizers, consider the investment and power saving, public facilities or share systems will designed to support all the lyophilizers working. As well as the integrated controller system could use one software or computer operate all the lyophilizers.

VIKUMER engineer team have worked out (delivered) tens freeze drying plant to our customer, range from 3tons up to 10 tons feed capacity. And also, we have experiences build workshop.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us get a solution.

Benefits of Freeze Drying Plant

Economic Solution

The freeze drying plant may include several sets freeze dryers, they are parallel installed, as per your production needs, you could eight turn on 1 individual freeze dryer or turn on all freeze dryers.

The freeze drying plant is a bit different with individual freeze dryers combination, that have individual controller box. Freeze drying plant mostly only use 1 computer software control all the freeze dryers, flexible of use. And in a freeze drying plant, some systems like primary vacuum pump rack, defrosting system etc. could share for all freeze dryers, that will help reduce investment cost and running cost.

Shared Sub-systems

To reduce plant investment and running cost, in freeze drying plant, some system only install 1 suit, but will serve all the freeze dryers, like primary vacuum pump module, defrosting system, monorail system, steam generator etc..

Scientific Design

The designing of the workshop, especially divisions location and monorail circuitous, influence a lot of your working efficiency, Vikumer Freeze Dry have rich experience help you design the entire workshop layout, increase your production efficiency.

Rich Experience

We have been involved 200+ industrial freeze dryers project, among them, 30+ super large freeze drying plant installed and operated.

We have rich experience accumulated, that will help you from workshop design, equipment install till technical support, please feel free consult our experts if you have such needs.

Turn-key Service

From workshop design, machine produce, shipment, install, worker training, technical support, to division arrangement, lighting system, electric system, temperature and humidity control system, water supply and discharge system etc., we could help more of your project.

Perfect Services

Buy equipment from us is the start of our cooperation, and our services just start, in future, whether you need technical upgrade or workshop modify, we could help.