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Frequency Asked Questions

Delivery Time

LGJ: 1~2 weeks, as per stock condition.

BFD: 8~10 weeks.

FDL/FDL-TP: 12~15 weeks.

FDRS/FDR: 12~15 weeks.


LGJ/BFD/FDL/FDL-TP/FDRS: All-in-one design, customers can read install instructions and install by themselves. Of course, can ask Vikumer engineer install. PS. for these models, our standard offer not include install cost.

FDRS: Modular design, Vikumer engineers will charge the installation. Offer have include install cost.

Supporting Facilities and Offer Includes

LGJ and BFD Freeze dryer plug and play, no need supporting facilities.

FDL/FDL-TP/FDRS/FDR commercial freeze dryers request: Air compressor, Water cooling tower, Defrost water supply, Steam generator (for FDR only). These items, unless our offer declared, otherwise not include.

For all freeze dryers we send to you, the compressor lubricate oil, vacuum pump lubricate oil, coolant, heat transfer fluid have been filled into system. For future regularly replace, you need buy from local market.


TT Bank transfer, 60% after contract, 40% before shipment.


LGJ and BFD: Plywood case.

FDL/FDL-TP/FDRS/FDR: Nude in container.

Trade Terms



12 Month. Calculate by ship on board. Customer can request PAID extension.

During warranty, parts failure or machine failure, we will fully charge the repair fee and replacement parts cost.

After Sale Service

Machine failures, with definite indication on control interface. This you can read user manual, check if there is a solution to resolve it. Judge if its a hardware failure or a system auto protection due to mis-operation.

A briefly description of the failure is helpful for our engineer to analyse and give advise. We will offer professional technical support to find out the failure in time and offer solving method.

For some small problems like screw loose, cable loose or consumption parts replacement, which you can do it by yourself, that will be the fastest way to solve problem. For big problem, our engineer surely will fly to you ASAP.