A leading freeze drying machines manufacturer in China, from lab pilot to industrial production freeze dryers.

Bio&Pharma Production Freeze Dryers

Compliance with GMP directives, Vikumer FDL freeze dryers are designed to fit industrial large-volume production. Apply to Pharmaceutical, Biological, Veterinary and Chemistry field. Designed have considered a lot of factors to meet your critical demand, the lyophilization machines come with standardized sub-systems. Which means can be flexible config. as per function needs.

Vikumer provide turn-key services, include engineering, manufacturing, sea shipping to your nearest sea port and provide installation and worker training services. Later stage, if you have requests, we also provide software or system upgrade support.

Tray Freeze Dryers
Lyophilization bulk materials include liquid, solid, mixture or loose type. Can universal use in pharmaceutical, biological, chemical etc.
Stopper Freeze Dryers
GMP grade lyophilizers for vaccine production, vials will be capping and sealing under vacuum environment.