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BFD-50P-TP Stoppering Freeze Dryer

BFD-50P-TP laboratory stoppering freeze dryer

BFD-50P-TP Freeze Dryer


Lab Research Freeze Dryer


For investigational laboratory work or small diagnostics production, The BFD-50P-TP freeze dryer can meet your demand. Processing a wide variety of products, bulk tray drying or vials loading.

Technical Parameters
System Characters


Useable shelves area0.5m2
Useable plates3
Plates size400*400
Plates spacing100mm ~ customized
Plates temp.-55C ~ +70C
Plates temp. variance<+/-1C
Condenser capacity5kgs/24Hrs
Condenser temp.-75C ~ -85C
Vacuum degree<1Pa
Machine structureAll-include
Install sizeL/850*W/1500*H/1800mm
Power supply6.8kwh
Shipping Weight800Kgs
Vials capacity
φ16 *1980
φ22 *1008


Suit lab research, the BFD-50P-TP freeze dryer can handle 3 trays at 400*400mm each. Investigator can freeze drying bulk material, or by using stoppering function, drying product and capping vials under vacuum environment.


R & D Freeze Dryer:

Floor type, all-in-one design, industrial-level control system, cooling and heating shelves, pressure control, programmable freeze drying steps, bulk loading, stoppering, stable performance, precise temperature control. The lyophilizer has all the features of commercial freeze dry systems, that can meet any of your lyophilization demand.


Easy-to-Use and Controll:

Control system adopt high advanced PLC and user friendly touch screen. Programmable freeze drying steps enable fully automatic running, semi-automatic working model selectable for investigation.

The screen alive display temperatures, pressure and time. The drying data can review or export, for further analysis.


Key Benefits:

  • All-in-one body.
  • Plug and play delivery.
  • CE approved equipment.
  • Advanced PLC and user-friendly touch screen controller.
  • FD-Pilot controller software.
  • Automatic or semi-automatic working.
  • Same functions and system performance with commercial freeze dryer.
  • Rectangular drying chamber, precise temperature control.
  • Split condenser, minimum the influence of drying chamber temperature.
  • Unique designed heating plates, patent welding technology, constant drying quality between trays and batches.



  • Self-contained body.
  • Vacuum pump external installs besides lyophilizer, for easy maintenance.
  • Hydraulic cylinder install on top of freeze dryer, drive plates move up or down, for vials capping.
  • Wheels and brake for move and install.


Drying Chamber & Door

  • PMMA see-through door.
  • Door lock by screw latches.
  • Medical grade silicone rubber door seal, lubricate free.
  • Stainless steel drying chamber, GB150 pressure vessel rated.
  • Drying house inner wall well-polished Ra<0.5um.
  • Fully insulated drying chamber, better temperature uniformity and energy efficiency.


Shelves & Trays

  • Sandwich type plates, inner allow heat transfer fluid circulates.
  • Plates can be heated or chilled.
  • Plates precise temperature control variance <+/-1C.
  • Plates flatness <0.5mm/m.
  • Trays fabricated from 2mm thick stainless steel, durable and long lasting.



  • Split condenser, install besides drying chamber.
  • Smooth wall type condenser, for easy ice block moving out.
  • Both condenser and coils are Stainless steel made.
  • Electric defrosting.
  • Sloped condenser bottom for easy water draining.


Heating & thermal fluid circulation

  • 5cst silicone oil fill and circulate in shelves.
  • The fluid can be heated or chilled.
  • Fluid force circulates by a centrifugal pump.
  • Chilling by compressor, through intermediate heat exchanger.
  • Heating direct by electric heating rods.


Vacuum System

  • Vacuum pump install besides freeze dryer.
  • Install by hose and quick loop.
  • System final pressure <1Pa.
  • Vacuum degree adjust function.



  • CFC free refrigerant.
  • Cascade system, hermetic compressors, air cooling method.
  • Oversized compressor for stable performance.


Control System

  • Electric cabinet designed follow CE directives.
  • Both electric elements and software provide.
  • FD-PILLOT control system, same features with industry larger freeze dryers.
  • Advanced PLC and user-friendly Touch screen HMI.
  • Graphic display system working status.
  • Automatic drying data collection.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working.



  • AISI304 or AISI316L shelves and trays.
  • Powder coated body or stainless steel body.
  • PMMA see-through door or stainless steel door.



  • Longitudinal (Drying chamber front, condenser rearside)
  • Horizontal structure(Both chamber and condenser front install, Condenser besides or beneath drying chamber)


Vacuum pump:

  • China brand or customized brand.
  • Oil pump or dry pump.



  • Smooth wall type or exposed coil type.
  • Condenser isolate valve.


System performance:

  • Shelves -55C coupled with -85C condenser,
  • or shelves -35C coupled with -55C condenser.


Control type:

  • Touch screen control.
  • PC software control