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BFD-200P Lab Advanced Research Freeze Dryer

BFD-200P pilot freeze dryer - bulk

BFD-200P Freeze Dryer

Trial Production Freeze Dryer

BFD-200P is an economical freeze dryer for small-scale production. Apply to pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, foods and fruit freeze drying field. The machine come with 2sq.m shelf area and 30L condenser.

The BFD-200P is a box type freeze dryer, all associated machinery involved operation of it has integrated in a floor type cabinet, with casters for easy move.

Control of the lyophilizer is by a PLC based controller, terminated with programmable touch screen. The screen displays a graphical schematic representing the entire freeze drying installation, displaying temperatures and pressures. There are 6 sub-pages operator can enter, for different functions, include: recipe management, real-time curve, manual working control, alarm info.

The system can automatically work: once raw product placed into drying chamber, automatic execute set recipe, one step finish, another automatic start, till drying finish. Or semi-automatic work, manual control of the shelves temperature.

Key Benefits:

  • Box type with casters, compact size, easy move.
  • Plug and play delivery. No support facility needs.
  • Advanced PLC and user-friendly HMI touch screen controller.
  • FD-Pilot controller software, freeze dryer same functions with industrial large systems.
  • Fully automatic working or semi-automatic working selectable.
  • Rectangular drying chamber, high space use rate, evenly shelves temperature, stunning dried quality.
  • Split condenser, minimum the influence of drying chamber temperature.
  • All plates and trays are evenly temperature, constant drying quality between trays and batches.
  • Entirely stainless steel fabricated.
Technical Parameters
System Characters

Useable Trays Area2m2
Number of Shelves5+1
Number of Trays10pcs
Tray Size500*400mm
Shelves Temp.-55C to +70C
Condenser Capacity20kgs/24hrs
Condenser Temp.-85C
CompressorCascade, Air cooling
Power Install12kwh
ControllerPLC based touch screen system


  • Self-contained body.
  • Vacuum pump external installs besides lyophilizer, for easy maintenance.
  • Wheels and brake for move and settle.

Drying Chamber & Door

  • Acrylic see-through drying chamber door.
  • Door lock by screw latches.
  • Medical grade silicone rubber door seal, lubricate free.
  • Stainless steel drying chamber, GB150 pressure vessel rated.
  • Drying house inner wall well-polished Ra<0.5um.
  • Fully insulated drying chamber, better temperature uniformity and energy efficiency.

Shelves & Trays

  • Sandwich structure plates, inner allow heat transfer fluid circulates.
  • Plates can be heated or chilled.
  • Plates precise temperature control variance <+/-1C.
  • Plates flatness <0.5mm/m.
  • Trays fabricated from 2mm thick stainless steel, durable and long lasting.


  • Split condenser, connect drying chamber by a spool piece.
  • Exposed condensing coils for better vapor collect.
  • Both condenser and coils are Stainless steel made.
  • Electric defrosting.
  • Sloped condenser bottom for easy water draining.

Heating & thermal fluid circulation

  • 5cst silicone oil fill and circulate in shelves.
  • The fluid can be heated or chilled.
  • Fluid force circulates by a centrifugal pump.
  • Chilling by compressor, through intermediate heat exchanger.
  • Heating direct by electric heating rods.

Vacuum System

  • Vacuum pump install besides freeze dryer.
  • Install by hose and quick loop.
  • System final pressure <1Pa.
  • Vacuum degree adjust function.


  • CFC free refrigerant.
  • Cascade system, hermetic compressors, air cooling method.
  • Oversized compressor for stable performance.

Control System

  • Electric cabinet designed follow CE directives.
  • Both electric elements and software deliver.
  • FD-PILLOT control system, same features with industry larger freeze dryers.
  • Advanced PLC and user-friendly Touch screen HMI.
  • Graphic display system working status.
  • Automatic drying data collection.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working.

Material: Aluminum alloy, AISI304 or AISI316L shelves and trays.

Vacuum pump: China brand or customized, oil pump or dry pump.

Condenser: Internal condenser, condensing coils direct expose beneath shelves. Or split condenser.

System performance: Shelves -55C coupled with -85C condenser, or shelves -35C coupled with -55C condenser.