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BFD Small Pilot Freeze Dryer Lyophilizers Are Economic And Professional

BFD Small Pilot Freeze Dryer Lyophilizers Are Economic And Professional

To start freeze drying business or lab investigation, BFD freeze dryers are absolutely the first choice. Not only its stable performance, also it has the same features of industrial units. Which is helpful when transfer to production scale. Here are the main benefits and features:


Professional Controller

High advanced PLC coupling with programmable touch screen controller. which

  • Graphic display system working status.
  • Freeze Drying recipes management and modify, hundreds recipes storage capacity.
  • Alive display freeze drying data, temperatures, vacuum.
  • History data management, review and export.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic model.
  • Alarm and protections.


Stable Performance

Fully optimized system guarantee machine reliable working and stable parameters. The system performance is same as industrial larger systems, which is crucial to the drying quality.

  • All shelves/plates have freezing and heating function. Freezing low to -35C, Heating to +60C.
  • Temperature variance < +/- 2C. guarantee constant drying quality between trays.
  • Rapid shelves heating or chilling, speed >1C per minute.
  • Condenser temp. down to -45C.
  • Vacuum down to 5*10-3.


Drying Quality Guarantee

  • Rectangular shape drying chamber, verified much higher temperature uniformity and space using rate than cylindrical.
  • PID control heating, precise shelves temperature control, which result excellent sublimation efficiency.
  • Fully Optimized system, low noise, power saving, stable working, reliable and long lifespan.
  • Well designed machine structure, scientific and ergonomic.


Available models

BFD-50 Internal condenser, 10L condenser, 0.5m2 shelves area.

BFD-100 External condenser, 20L condenser, 1m2 shelves area.

BFD-200 External condenser, 30L condenser, 2m2 shelves area.

BFD-500 Internal condenser, 60L condenser, 5m2 shelves area.


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