Turn-Key Services

Fully Customizable.


As one of the most powerful freeze dryer supplier, also is one of the earliest enterprise engage in freeze drying equipment in China, with 20+ years’ experience in the field, over 200+ units installed worldwide and thousands lab and pilot smaller models delivered, our experience accumulated help us established a solid base of expertise related to the needs of various industries.


We familiar hundreds material’s lyophilization process and industrial standard, design and delivery you the right freeze dryer with extraordinary performance and meet your output demands, right configuration for your production and process requirements, reduce running cost and eliminate downtime risks.


Our fully customizable service provide for all model freeze dryer and lyophilizers.

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Quality guarantee


Excellent quality and economic price is a known feature of VIKUMER products, quality control standard imprinted deeply in our workers’ heart.


Raw material processing, components test, assembly cautions, performance standard etc. every step have its own quality control papers, every step pass or failure have individual judgement standard. As a result, freeze dryer supplied by VIKUMER, high reliability, long lifespan and at least 30% power saving than other brand in its class.

VIKUMER quality control

On time delivery


Our exclusive manage system in production line, well scheduled order arrangement and advanced RTS system, enable orders from us always 100% delivery in time, On time install, never delay your production.

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Install and worker training


Professional engineers and experienced workers will assist installation and worker training, The installation will consider all factors in your workshop, proper arrange the pipes and electric layout, consider nice appearance, easy maintenance and high efficient working. The worker training, maintenance and FAQ will thoroughly explain to your workers, make sure they can easy handle the equipment and make some optimization of your freeze drying.

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Freeze drying optimization


Operate person training courses will explain how to optimization your freeze drying, achieve fully optimized cycle, uses only the energy and time required, resulting in shorter process time and higher product throughput. Most importantly, it ensures optimum product quality and consistency between batches.

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Extraordinary performance


Each freeze dryer or lyophilizer machine delivered to customer go through our complete quality inspection and performance test, official papers.


CE approved for all our freeze dryers.


Accept FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), DQ, IQ,OQ,PQ papers will come with machine delivery to you, after machine installed do the work together.


Permanent technical support


Life cycle after sale services

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