Quality Guarantee

Quality control from raw material


We only purchase high grade raw material and machining to components that install in freeze dryer, raw material quality inspection, machined parts process and further treatment etc. we have strict standard and judgement, make sure the parts could go through rigorous test and working in extremely environment.


Details cause success


Whatever self-made parts or outsourcing component, we careful check its batch quality and proper install into the system. Each component installed into machine will have an QC step.


Entire system will go through 4Q papers (DQ-Design Qualification, IQ-Installation Qualification, OQ-Operation Qualification, PQ-Performance Qualification) and FAT if customer need.


Not only in production line


We deeply know the quality influenced by multi aspects, not only in our production workshop, more, during shipping, installation, trial running till your operation.


Consider all possible problems that might happen during transport, we perfect design the packing way of the machine and its parts, a safety journey.


During installation, our workers strict follow the quality control standard which have imprinted in mind, perfect finish the installation.


Worker training and operation period, our professional engineer will explain more that need pay attention to, make sure the machine always high performance running as well as trouble shooting in time.