Production Process Of Freeze Drying Plant

Freeze drying/lyophilization plant use in commercial and industrial range mostly come with large capacity, its batch production capacity could be 3000kgs, in medium or large freeze dried food factory, they mostly parallel various machines in one plant to meet production demand, following is an standard food freeze drying plant arrangement for your reference:

Freeze Drying Plant Overview:

Freeze drying plant drawing

Remark: All modules could flexible arrangement as per customer workshop layout.

①: Drying house

②: Ice condenser

③: Condenser defrosting water tank

④: Freezing room

⑤: Dried material harvest room

⑥: Trays cleaning room

⑦: Trays loading room

⑧: Packing room

A: Heating unit

B: Primary vacuum rack

C: Maintain vacuum rack

D: Compressor rack

E: Outdoor cooling tower platform

Technical Process:

> ⑦: Trays loading

> ④: Freezing

> ①: Drying

> ⑤: Harvest&Packing

> ⑥: Trays cleaning & ③: Condenser defrosting

> ⑦: Trays loading

A Little Knowledge Of Freeze Drying:


Freeze dryer also called lyophilizer, is the equipment process freeze drying or lyophilization, is a dehydration way famous for damage free drying, typically use to remove water from materials by sublimation process (frozen the material and then reduce surround pressure allow solid water direct vapor to gas, the process skip liquid phase, drying in minus temperature), freeze dried technology provide highest dried quality and have been widely application in all kinds of food, fruit, vegetables, diary, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, nutraceutical, cosmetics, floral etc..