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LGB-10B Freeze Dryer

LGJ-10-TP Small Lab Freeze Dryer For Sale

Drying material in vials or bottles, capping it under vacuum, is ideal way to preserve materials. The stoppering function is helpful in lab freeze dryer, for samples storage and investigation, LGJ-10-TP small freeze dryer is the most hot sale models with economic price.

Functions: Bulk Loading, Vials and bottles Stoppering/capping, Removable shelf module, Removable drying chamber.

System Features

  • Top stoppering function.
  • 3 trays, Dia.180mm each.
  • 2L/4L condenser capacity.
  • -55C/-80C condenser temperature.
  • Touch screen control.
  • Real-time curve display.
  • History data export to U-disk.
  • Natural defrosting.
  • Manual defrost water discharge.
  • See through acrylic drying chamber.
  • Stainless steel shelf and trays.
  • Stainless steel vapor condenser.
  • 2 stage vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum hose connect by quick loop.

Technical Parameters

Model LGJ-10-TP
Type/Function Standard + Stoppering
Trays Area 0.08m2
Trays Quantity 3EA
Tray Size Dia.180mm
Condenser 2L/4L
Condenser Shape Vertical Cylindrical
Condenser Temperature -55C/-80C
Vacuum (Final) <3Pa
Power 970w/1200w
Install size (-55C) 615*450*860mm
Install size (-80C) 850*680*895mm
Voltage 110V/220V