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LGJ-10D Freeze Dryer

LGJ-10-FS Laboratory Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer

LFJ-10-FS is the most economic and hot sale lab freeze dryer/lyophilizer, whether bulk loading, vials stopper or flask drying, the freeze dryer could satisfy.

Function: Bulk Loading, Vials or Bottles Stoppering, Flask or Wide-mouth Bottle loading, Removable shelf, Removable drying chamber.

System Features

  • Tray bulk loading.
  • Top vials stoppering function.
  • Top flask holding function.
  • 3 trays, Dia.180mm each.
  • 2L/4L condenser capacity.
  • -55C/-80C condenser temperature.
  • Touch screen control.
  • Real-time curve display.
  • History data export to U-disk.
  • Natural defrosting.
  • Manual defrost water discharge.
  • See through acrylic drying chamber.
  • Stainless steel shelf and trays.
  • Stainless steel vapor condenser.
  • 2 stage vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum hose connect by quick loop.

Technical Parameters

Model LGJ-10-FS
Type/Function Standard + Stoppering + Flask Holder
Trays Area 0.08m2
Trays Quantity 3EA
Tray Size Dia.180mm
Condenser 2L/4L
Condenser Shape Vertical Cylindrical
Condenser Temperature -55C/-80C
Vacuum (Final) <3Pa
Power 970w/1200w
Install size (-55C) 615*450*910mm
Install size (-80C) 850*680*935mm
Voltage 110V/220V