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Freeze Drying Applications

Freeze drying has applications in a wide variety of industries. In theory, almost all products could success freeze drying or lyophilization, some of the items are list below:

Food Processing
Dairy Industry
Lab Research
Pet Food

Fruit,vegetables, prepared meals, meat, seafood, soup, instant noodles, coffee could success freeze drying with economic cost.

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Cow milk, camel milk, donkey milk, goat milk. Yogurt, ice cream, probiotics and other active cultures.


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Vaccine, API, proteins, enzymes and other liquid, solid or mixture pharmacy.


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Bud, blooming, with or without stem, for preservation and decoration.


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Storage or in-depth study of samples' characters.


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Cat, dog, fish food high quality freeze dried.


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Snake or scorpion Venom, fruit peel extraction, bacteria etc.


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Chemical solvent, water etc. after freeze drying, study its characters.


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