Freeze drying and lyophilization benefit a lot in commercial & industrial dehydration area, the damage-free drying process (Vacuum Freeze Drying Technology) have almost no influence of material characters, provide highest dried quality and have been widely application in all kinds of food, fruit, vegetables, diary, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, nutraceutical, cosmetics, floral etc., and specialists are still research the possibility for other products’ lyophilization.


The fundamental principle in freeze drying is sublimation (by freezing raw material to solid phase, reduce surround pressure, enable the solid water/ice direct sublime to gas phase), so vacuum freeze drying also call sublimation drying.


In principle, almost all products could success freeze drying or lyophilization, some of the items are list below:

Food Freeze Drying:


Freeze dried food have been famous in dried market, products like fruit, vegetables, prepared meals, meat, seafood, soup, instant noodles, coffee could success freeze drying with economic cost.

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freeze dried food

Dairy Freeze Drying:


Freeze drying dairy such as milk, yogurt, ice cream, probiotics and other active cultures.

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dairy freeze drying

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying:


Vaccine, API, proteins, enzymes and other liquid, solid or mixture pharmacy.

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pharmaceutical freeze drying

Lab Research And Experimental:


Storage or in-depth study/research the samples characters.

lab research freeze dryer

Cosmetics Freeze Drying:


Herbs extract, aloe vera and other concentrated liquid or mixture of natural cosmetics material.

Floral Freeze Drying:


Bud or entire flowers freeze drying for decoration or make tea.

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floral freeze drying

Pet Food Freeze Drying:


Cat, dog, fish food high quality freeze dried.

pet food freeze drying

Biological Freeze Drying:


Snake or scorpion Venom, fruit core or peel extraction fluid, bacteria etc. freeze drying and study.

biological freeze drying

Chemical Freeze Drying:


Chemical solvent, water etc. after freeze drying, study its characters.

chemical freeze drying

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