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FD-50L Freeze Dryer

FD-50L Industrial Freeze Drying Machine Price

The FD-50L is our largest tray vacuum freeze dryer with rectangular shape drying chamber.

Totally offer 50 square meters shelf area, as well as 600kg ice condenser capacity, full stainless steel made.

Hygienic freeze drying in commercial application.

Standard Technical Parameters

Model FD-50L
Shelf Area 48.6m2
Ice Capacity 600L
Shelves 18+1
Shelf Size 1800*1500mm
Shelves Spacing 60mm
Trays 162EA
Shelf Temp. -50℃ to +70℃
Condenser Temp. -80℃
Vacuum <5Pa
Defrosting Water spray
Power Install 125kw
Drying House Size 7500*2200*3500mm
Bulk Loading Capacity 500L by 10mm
Main material SUS304