Tray Freeze Dryer

tray freeze dryer
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FDL Tray Freeze Dryer


The FDL freeze dryer/lyophilizer designed to fit commercial and industrial freeze drying process, material loading by bulk in trays, the range machines design and produce according to GMP directive.


Tray/shelf freeze dryers come with integrated structure, all its subsystem are module installed, connect and controlled by PLC based electric cabinet, so FDL freeze dryers are easy transport and install, also have a wide range option parts/functions.


Shelf freeze dryer lyophilizer install one module stainless steel shelves which fixed in drying chamber, could widely use in food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry, tray bulk loading and drying.


Typical applications:

  • Diary (Milk, yogurt, probiotics)
  • Fruit or vegetable pulp.
  • Pharmaceutical fluid,solid or mixture.
  • Other bulk loading fluid, mixture or powder products.


VIKUMER Freeze Dry could be custom design to fit your special request with cost-effective price, the range lyophilizer shelf area 1m2 to 50m2 and ice condenser capacity 10L to 500L to select.

Hygienic Drying Process

  • The shelf/tray freeze dryer come with stainless steel drying house, stainless steel door, all internal components that contact product also use stainless steel material. Door seal by medical grade silicone rubber, the inert material no influence dried products quality.
  • Shelves internal are hollow, welding channel enable silicone oil recycle inside bring freezing or heating energy, all the pipes use stainless steel material and go through pressure test, ensure no leakage, no pollute raw material.
  • Drying finish, vacuum break could be pulse air in avoid powder flying in drying chamber, condenser also could install isolation valve and condensing water collect device.


Modular System

  • Commercial and industrial machines are heavy duty and large capacity, many components installed, for easy maintenance and transport, VIKUMER FDL-series freeze dryer are designed by modular: drying chamber, ice condenser, compressor system, vacuum system, medium recycle system etc. scientific installed as module, sensors and electric cables connect electric cabinet, during the freeze drying process, automatic working as per controller directives.
  • Modular system will benefit a lot of its easy transport and install, maintenance, trouble shooting, parts replacement, the system upgrade in future also need less work.


Rich Configurations/Fully Customized

  • According to your special request, budget control, system size or install type, FDL freeze dryer could be flexible design to meet your demand.
  • Parts brand, main material, functions, control type, structure type (vertical or horizontal), all could be customized. please feel free contact VIKUMER to custom your own suitable solutions.

Highlights/System of Tray Freeze Dryer:


LYO-CONTROL Control system:

  • Advanced PLC + Touch Screen controller, PC connectivity.
  • Meet 21CFR part 11.
  • Parts working status alive display.
  • Create, storage, modify freeze drying recipes.
  • Graphic and numeric data collection and display.
  • Auto and manual operate model.


Drying House:

  • Stainless steel door with monitor window, medical grade rubber seal.
  • Stainless steel drying chamber.
  • Fixed stainless steel shelves module.
  • Shelves have freezing and heating function.
  • Drying chamber temperature uniformity and shelves temperature balance technology.


Vapor Collect Condenser:

  • Stainless steel chamber and stainless steel coils.
  • Spray defrosting.
  • Vapor evenly condensing technology.
  • Precision calculated coils surface area.

Refrigeration System:

  • High efficient 2 stage piston compressor or screw compressor optional.
  • Selected refrigeration parts and models.
  • Water cooling or evaporative cooling.


Vacuum System:

  • Pirani vacuum sensor.
  • Needle vacuum adjust valve.
  • 2 Stage oil sealed pump, Roots pump or dry pump system.
  • Power interrupt protection.


System Performance:

  • Shelves cooling from +20C to –40C within 60min.
  • Shelves lowest temperature –50C.
  • Shelves heating from –40C to +20C within 60min.
  • Shelves Max temperature +70C (accuracy 1C).
  • Ice condenser cooling from 20C to –40C within 30min.
  • Ice condenser lowest temperature –80C.
  • Ice condenser defrosting time within 60min.
  • Vacuum pump from atmosphere to 15Pa within 30min.
  • System final vacuum <5Pa, leakage ≤5x10-2mbarL/s.

Small Scale Production Tray Freeze Dryer Models:

Shelves area1.15m22.16m23.24m25.25m2
Ice Capacity20L40L60L100L
Shelves size480*600mm600*900mm600*900mm750*1000mm
Shelf Temp.-50℃ to +70℃-50℃ to +70℃-50℃ to +70℃-50℃ to +70℃
Condenser Temp.-80℃-80℃-80℃-80℃
Size2500*1100*2000mm2500*1300*2100mm2800*1200*2500mm 4000*1500*2500mm

Industrial Process Tray Freeze Dryer Models:

Shelves area10.5m219.8m229.7m248.6m2
Ice Capacity200L300L400L600L
Shelves size1000*15001200*15001500*18001500*1800
Shelf Temp.-50℃ to +70℃-50℃ to +70℃-50℃ to +70℃-50℃ to +70℃
Condenser Temp.-80℃-80℃-80℃-80℃