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FD-1R Freeze Dryer

FD-1R Small Scale Food Freeze Dryer


The smallest freeze dryer used in food freeze drying industry, it have 1 square meters trays area and 10kgs ice capacity.

FD-1R designed for commercial and industrial pilot plant,  can perfect freeze dry varies food or fruits, quick drying within 24hrs, and high freeze dried quality.

Technical Parameters

Model FD-1R
Type/Function Radiation heating, bulk loading shelves.
Drying House Shape Rectangular
Trays Area 1m2
Shelves 4+1
Trays Quantity 4EA
Tray Size 600*400mm
Shelves Temperature -30C to +120C
Condenser 10L
Condenser Location External
Condenser Temperature -60C
Vacuum (Final) <15Pa
Power 7.5kw
Dimension 2500*1100*2000mm
Voltage 380V