Food Freeze Dryer(Al Alloy)

food freeze dryer
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FDR Food Freeze Dryer, Aluminum Shelves & Trays


By excellent quality and energy consumption control, VIKUMER FDR freeze dryer get very high score from customer in global, and have been marked a lot tags: Reliable, Stable, Quick drying, Power Saving, Cheap Price, High configurations, Customization, humanized controller, easy operate etc.


FDR freeze dryer is one of our hit products provide capacity from 10kg up to 2500kgs. Perfect and successful application in food freeze dry, quality guarantee of freeze dried food, use shortest time and less energy finish the lyophilization process, The range machine could application in fruit, vegetables, diary, herbs, coffee, meals etc.


FDR freeze dryer standard config with cylindrical drying chamber and anodized aluminum shelves/trays. Smaller model FD-1R to FD-20R design integrated structure, FD-30R and above models design split systems.

Hygienic Food Drying

  • In Vikumer Freeze Dryer, all its components that contact food we use food grade, it could be stainless steel, or anodized aluminum alloy, Inert material almost no influence dried products quality.
  • Heating shelves, which could speed up the sublimation process, come with sandwich structure, medium fluid recycle inside use pure water, strongly insure even leakage will not pollute products at all.
  • Cylindrical drying house, stainless steel made, easy clean.


Power Saving Unit

  • Freeze dried food is very popular in market, unlike other drying method could continue process and running cost is less, freeze drying is batch production, so reduce its running cost and drying time is important.
  • It have been well known that our food freeze drying system at least 30% power saving than our competitor. 20+ years’ experience accumulated, continue innovation and deep study, our freeze drying equipment always come with right configurations that smooth running, selected parts brand and model JUST fit the system needs, No more energy waste.

High Quality Freeze Dried

  • Precision calculated drying chamber size, delicate shelves module design, right system configurations, each freeze dryer model from Vikumer Freeze Dry go through hundreds computer simulation, our freeze dryer have a higher temperature uniformity which result, in same batch, products locate in any shelves flavor and taste same, different batches, dried products quality is constantly.
  • Food dried by Vikumer Freeze Dryer, with very less loss, its quality, taste, appearance, color, flavor all is better than competitors.


Fully Customized Design

  • We provide freeze dryer with standard configurations that listed, also we could special customized design and build freeze dryer perfect fit your workshop layout, debug the system with excellent performance, rapid and high-quality finish freeze drying process, and we will send engineer charge installation.


Economic Solutions

  • Vikumer aim to provide inexpensive freeze dryers to customer: reliable, stable working, economic price, excellent performance.
  • We have been hard work 20+ years, and all our freeze dryer solutions provide to customer based on that.
  • Please feel free contact us and share your ideas and suggestions.

Freeze Dryer Workshop

Vacuum freeze dryer installed

Machinery Room

freeze drying plant

Monorail System

freeze dryer machine


Freeze dryer room

Vacuum Pump

freeze drying equipment

Steam Heater

industrial freeze drying plant

Frozen Material In

freeze drying machine

Dried Material Harvest

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freeze dried packing

Highlights/System of Food Freeze Dryer:


Control system:

  • Advanced PLC + Touch Screen controller, PC connectivity.
  • Parts working status alive display.
  • Create, storage, modify freeze drying recipes.
  • Graphic and numeric data collection and display.
  • Auto and manual operate model.


Drying House:

  • Economic cylindrical drying chamber, stainless steel made.
  • Stainless steel door with observe window. Hand lock or pneumatic lock.


Shelves and Trays:

  • Anodized aluminum material.
  • FD-1R to FD-20R one fixed shelf module. Manual tray loading. Shelves have freezing and heating function.
  • FD-30R to FD-200R side by side two fixed shelf module. Tray loading assist by trolley and overhead monorail system. Shelves only have heating function, material freezing in external freezer room.
  • All shelves temperature balance technology.

Vapor Collect Condenser:

  • Stainless steel or carbon steel house.
  • Stainless steel or hot galvanized steel coils.
  • FD-1R to FD-20R condenser coils direct expose beneath shelves for a better condensing efficient.
  • FD-30R to FD-200R condenser locate in rear side of drying house for a larger capacity.
  • Hot water spray or immersing defrosting.
  • Vapor evenly condensing technology.
  • Condenser capacity up to 2500L.


Refrigeration System:

  • High efficient 2 stage piston compressor or Screw compressor provide oversized cooling capacity.
  • Selected refrigeration parts and models.
  • Water cooling.


Vacuum System:

  • Pirani vacuum sensor.
  • Needle vacuum adjust valve.
  • 2 Stage oil sealed/dry pump + Roots blower system.
  • Power off protection: baffle valve close.

Food Process Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer:

Smaller Production Models:

Shelves area1m25.25m210.5m220.6m2
Ice Capacity10L50L100L200L
Shelves size400*625750*10001000*15001260*1380
Shelf Temp.-30℃ to +120℃-30℃ to +120℃-30℃ to +120℃-30℃ to +120℃
Condenser Temp.-45℃-45℃-45℃-45℃

Commercial And Industrial Production Models:

Shelves area29.9m250.8m2100.6m2204m2
Ice Capacity400L600L1200L2500L
Shelves size570*2850570*2850570*5610630*10200
Shelf Temp.RT to +120℃RT to +120℃RT to +120℃RT to +120℃
Condenser Temp.-45℃-45℃-45℃-45℃