LYO Pilot Freeze Dryer

lyo pilot freeze dryer
LYO freeze dryer controller
LYO068 freeze dryer

LYO Floor Type Pilot Freeze Dryer


LYO is high performance freeze dryer for lab scale production, designed for high-end laboratory research purpose or strict CGMP grade small batch production, the application is wide, could help you success freeze drying high value products in pharmaceutical or biological.


The VIKUMER LYO freeze dryers design all-Include body, up to 1.2m2 trays area or 1500pcs Dia.22mm vials loading, as well as versatility FD-PILLOT controller system, computer connect and SCADA suit optional.


LYO freeze dryers could satisfy any of your rigorous lab investigation or pilot production requirement. Versatility, scientific design, multifunction, it’s the idea equipment for your freeze drying process.

Perfect Control System

  • Based on PLC module and enable user control entire freeze dry system through touch screen (HMI), user friendly, versatility, the touch screen display as more information to operator as well execute orders that input by operator.
  • The LYO machines also offer SCAD suit which enable you monitoring more detail data information during the freeze drying process, storage, print etc.


Stable and Reliability

  • Components that possible contact product like shelves, trays, condenser, drying house, doors etc. all use inert material such as stainless steel 316L that have great resistance avoid influence the drying result.
  • All internal parts are carefully selected from world famous brand, with highest quality and state of art produce, strong guarantee the system stability and reliability.


Good Design Product

  • LYO freeze dryers are scientific design systems whatever its beautiful appearance, compact size, highly integrate structure, right parts model select and the state of art craftsmanship.
  • Whether its perfect controller, versatility functions provide and temperature uniformity could meet any rigorous/advanced lab research requirement or small batch production, flexible use for almost all industries, efficient drying, high performance, success/safety freeze drying.

LYO Floor Type Freeze Dryer Features:

  • All-include structure (vacuum pump and air compressor also in body), connect electric could start machine.
  • Open type structure, all side door could open for maintenance.
  • Stainless steel 316L material.
  • Bottom to Top stoppering device.
  • CFC-free, cascade compressor system could cool ice condenser to -80ºC and shelves -55ºC.
  • Shelves combine freezing and heating function, temperature could be programming from -55ºC to +80ºC with accuracy of ±1ºC.
  • All temperature probe use high quality PT100-A, precision control temperature.
  • 2 stage oil sealed vacuum pump with oil anti-back device or dry pump optional, System final vacuum <1Pa.
  • Inert gas charge port preserve.
  • Acrylic see-through drying house door with aluminum (anodized treatment) frame. Compression lock door.
  • Acrylic see-through ice condenser door with aluminum (anodized treatment) frame.
  • Casters with brake for easy move and set.
  • Professional FD-PILLOT controller, PLC + touch screen, PC control optional.
  • Hot gas defrosting.

System Performance:

  • Shelves cooling from +20C to –40C within 60min.
  • Shelves lowest temperature –55C.
  • Shelves heating from –40C to +20C within 60min.
  • Shelves Max temperature +80C (accuracy 1C).
  • Ice condenser cooling from +20C to –40C within 30min.
  • Ice condenser lowest temperature –80C.
  • Ice condenser defrosting time within 60min.
  • Vacuum pump from atmosphere to 0.1mbar within 30min.
  • System final vacuum 0.01mbar, leakage ≤5x10-2mbarL/s.

LYO Freeze Dryer Models:

Shelf Area0.68m21m21.2m2
Ice Capacity10L12L16L
Shelf Size420*480mm420*480mm420*480mm
Shelf Temp.-55℃ to +80℃-55℃ to +80℃-55℃ to +80℃
Condenser Temp.-80℃-80℃-80℃
DefrostingHot GasHot GasHot Gas
Condenser IsolationButterfly ValveButterfly ValveButterfly Valve
Power Install6.4kw6.8kw7.5kw
Running Power3.3kw3.6kw3.9kw
Vials Capacity(φ22)1500Pcs1900Pcs2400Pcs
Bulk Loading Capacity7L/10mm thick10L/10mm thick12L/10mm thick