A leading freeze drying machines manufacturer in China, from lab pilot to industrial production freeze dryers.

Freeze Dryers

We provide a full range of freeze dryers and lyophilizers.

From lab small models to industrial mass production freeze drying units.

We are one of the only a fewer manufacturer that have ability to provide the full range of freeze drying equipment. From lab trials to industrial production, from 5kgs up to 3000kgs daily capacity. And can be apply to nearly every industry include food, fruit, pharmacy, biotech, chemistry and pet food.


Our products are developed based on: High automation, Flexible configuration, Modular structure that is easy maintenance and upgrade, Components are food grade or beyond. Only the best and strongest materials and components will be used in our lyophilizer system, make our products are solid and consistent quality.


Whatever your freeze drying needs are, you can rest assured that Vikumer Freeze Dry is the best choice. Economic solutions, Affordable Prices, Durable, Stable Performance, Trustable Brand!

Laboratory Freeze Dryers
A cost-effective solution for lab experimental, portable and multi-function.
Pilot Freeze Dryers
Floor type, ideal for advanced research and development, same functions as industrial large freeze drying units.
Tray Freeze Dryers
Suit mass lyophilization of bulk materials, universal use in pharmaceutical, biological, chemical etc.
Stopper Freeze Dryers
GMP grade lyophilizers for vaccine production, vials will be capping and sealing under vacuum environment.
Food Freeze Dryers
Vacuum freeze drying food, fruit, vegetables, soup, pet food etc. Low lyophilization cost guarantee.