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FD-50R S/S Freeze Dryer

FD-50R S/S freeze dryer are AISI304 shelves and trays, so its hygienic to freeze drying food products, especially fit fluid items, such as milk, ice cream, fruit pulp, vegetable pulp and extracts.

As well, FD-50R S/S lyophilizer 100% meet FDA recommendations.

FD-50R S/S useable trays area 55m2. Condenser capacity 500kgs. Fully automatic working by PLC and user friendly touch screen.

Standard Technical Parameters

FD-50R S/S
Model FD-50R S/S
Shelf Area 55.5m2
Ice Capacity 500L
Shelves 15+1
Shelf Size 1800*2000mm
Shelves Spacing 80mm
Trays 180EA
Shelf Temp. -30℃ to +120℃
Condenser Temp. -45℃
Vacuum degree <15Pa
Defrosting way Water spray or immersing
Power Install 125kw
Drying House Size 6000*2500*3000mm
Main material SUS304.