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A leading freeze drying machines manufacturer in China, from lab pilot to industrial production freeze dryers.

FDR Food Freeze Dryer(S/S Shelves)

FDR Food Freeze Dryer(Stainless steel Shelves & Trays)

FDR S/S food freeze dryer special design to fit a higher hygienic requirement in vacuum freeze drying area, all its food contact components use stainless steel material that almost no influence to freeze dried food quality, idea for your commercial and industrial freeze drying production.

Special applications:

  • All kinds of fruits/vegetables, sliced or pulp.
  • Diary, yogurt.
  • Bacteria.
  • Other flake or liquid type materials.
  • More applications.

Config to meet your freeze drying demand, FDR S/S lyophilizer provide shelf area from 1m2 to 50m2, condenser capacity 10L to 500L. All shelves have freezing and heating function(conductive heating).

Meet FDA

  • All food contact components finished by stainless steel material.
  • Cylindrical shape drying chamber, easy clean.

High Stability&Reliability

  • Precision designed system and well selected parts strong ensure the entire machine reliable working.
  • Optimized control system guarantee.
  • The integrated body design, all modules well installed, low downtime rate.

Small Footprint

  • Integrated design, compact size, all-in-one body.
  • Drying chamber and system could horizontal or vertical arrange.

Economic Solutions

  • Machine with just right configurations.
  • Less workers need.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Low downtime rate.
  • 30% power saving technology.

Food Freeze Dryer(S/S shelves & trays)

FD-10R S/S
FD-20R S/S
FD-30R S/S
FD-50R S/S
Model FD-1R S/S
Shelves area 1m2
Ice Capacity 10L
Shelves 4+1
Shelves size 400*625
Trays 4EA
Shelf Temp. -30℃ to +120℃
Condenser Temp. -45℃
Vacuum 15Pa
Power 10kw
Size L*2500
Model FD-5R S/S
Shelves area 5.25m2
Ice Capacity 50L
Shelves 7+1
Shelves size 750*1000
Trays 14EA
Shelf Temp. -30℃ to +120℃
Condenser Temp. -45℃
Vacuum 15Pa
Power 25kw
Size L*3300
Model FD-10R S/S
Shelves area 10.5m2
Ice Capacity 100L
Shelves 7+1
Shelves size 1000*1500
Trays 28EA
Shelf Temp. -30℃ to +120℃
Condenser Temp. -45℃
Vacuum 15Pa
Power 35kw
Size L*3500
Model FD-20R S/S
Shelves area 19.8m2
Ice Capacity 200L
Shelves 11+1
Shelves size 1200*1500
Trays 66EA
Shelf Temp. -30℃ to +120℃
Condenser Temp. -45℃
Vacuum 15Pa
Power 60kw
Size L*5000
Model FD-30R S/S
Shelves area 30m2
Ice Capacity 300L
Shelves 15+1
Shelves size 1000*2000
Trays 120EA
Shelf Temp. -30℃ to +120℃
Condenser Temp. -45℃
Vacuum 15Pa
Power 90kw
Size L*6000
Model FD-50R S/S
Shelves area 55.5m2
Ice Capacity 500L
Shelves 15+1
Shelves size 1800*2000
Trays 180EA
Shelf Temp. -30℃ to +120℃
Condenser Temp. -45℃
Vacuum 15Pa
Power 125kw
Size L*8500