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Food Freeze Dryer – Radiative Heating

Vikumer FDR freeze dryer lyophilizers adopt radiative heating technology. Shelves and trays are fabricated from aluminum alloy material, which have verified 14+ times higher heat conductivity than stainless steel. Which means the batch drying time is much shorter and less energy consumption.


The FDR freeze drying equipment is the first choice of food lyophilization, apply to fruit, pet food, vegetables, herbs and prepared meals. Daily production up to 3000kgs.

FD-5R 50Kgs Freeze Dryer
5m2 shelves area, 50kgs condenser.
FD-10R 100Kgs Freeze Dryer
10m2 shelves area, 100kgs condenser.
FD-20R 200Kgs Freeze Dryer
20m2 shelves area, 200kgs condenser.
FD-30R 300Kgs Freeze Dryer
30m2 shelves area, 300kgs condenser.
FD-50R 500Kgs Freeze Dryer
50m2 shelves area, 500kgs condenser.
FD-100R 1000Kgs Freeze Dryer
100m2 shelves area, 1000kgs condenser.
FD-200R 2000Kgs Freeze Dryer
200m2 shelves area, 2000kgs condenser.