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BFD-200P Freeze Dryer

BFD-200P Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer


The BFD-200P is one of the most hot sale freeze dryers, it has an 20kgs ice capacity and 2.25m2 shelf area, so is capable of drying a variety of biological, pharmaceutical, nutritional and food products.

By PLC and touch screen controller, the lyophilizer could help you full automatic drying products.

Technical Parameters

Model BFD-200P
Type/Function Tray Type For Bulk Loading
Drying House Shape Rectangular
Trays Area 2.25m2
Shelves 5+1
Trays Quantity 10EA
Tray Size 500*450mm
Shelves Temperature -40C to +70C
Condenser 20L
Condenser Location External
Condenser Temperature -70C
Vacuum (Final) <5Pa
Power 13.5kw
Dimension 1200*2100*1700mm
Voltage 380V