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BFD-100P-TP Freeze Dryer

BFD-100P-TP Pilot Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer



BFD-100P-TP freeze dryer/lyophilizer could use for laboratory research, or pharmaceutical trial production.

In drying chamber, one modular shelf include 4+1 layers, 4pcs material trays provide total 1.15m2 drying area, the ice condenser capacity is 20L in total.

BFD-100P-TP one batch could load 11L liquid by 10mm, or 22L liquid by 20mm thick, or 2200pcs Dia.22mm vials.

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Technical Parameters

Model BFD-100P-TP
Type/Function Flexible Shelves, For Vials stoppering Or Bulk Loading
Drying House Shape Rectangular
Trays Area 1.15m2
Shelves 4+1
Trays Quantity 4EA
Tray Size 600*480mm
Shelves Temperature -40C to +70C
Condenser 10L
Condenser Location External
Condenser Temperature -70C
Vacuum (Final) <5Pa
Power 7.5kw
Dimension 1640*1100*2000mm
Voltage 380V
Vials Capacity Dia.22mm >2200pcs
  Dia.16mm >4500pcs
  Dia.12mm >8400pcs