Factors That Decide Freeze Drying Machine Price

Many customer ask about the freeze dryer prices problem, indeed, customers, especially new users, feel headache and confusion because many company offer the freeze dryer and lyophilizer with different prices/specifications, some of the price is big different.


However, a freeze drying equipment, manufacturer and made in China, it should include the following items which decide the price a lot and when evaluation the offer, following factors also as compares:


1, Drying house and condenser.


Key points: Material, Shape, Insulation.


Food freeze drying machine mostly adopt horizontal cylindrical drying chamber and ice condenser, material could be stainless steel or carbon steel, Insulation could be PUF or rubber sponge sheet or N/A. Cylindrical drying chamber is economic price, short production time.


Pharmacy freeze drying machine use rectangular shape drying chamber a lot, made of stainless steel 304 or 316, due to its unique shape, inside chamber, could make full use of the space and benefit of shelves uniformity temperature. Rectangular shape drying chamber need more reinforce beam to support in case of distortion, out cover by thick high density polyurethane foaming and decorate cover which made of S/S304, this kind drying house need more time to produce and cost higher. Condenser could be rectangular, horizontal/vertical cylindrical.


2, Shelves and trays.


Food freeze dryer, especially industrial large scale, shelves use anodized aluminum alloy material a lot, because of the excellent energy efficient. And the shelves is fixed module, tray loading by manual or by trolley slide through overhead/floor type monorail.


Pharmaceutical models, due to the sanitary request, mostly use stainless steel, and could be flexible move up or down for vials sealing under vacuum, tray handle by manual or by automatic loading/unloading system.


3, Compressors and cooling type.


Hermetic compressor, mostly only use in smaller machine, shelves <1m2, cooling by air.

Piston compressor could use in pilot models like 1m2 to 20m2, cooling by water.

For shelves area >30m2, screw compressor is need and cooling type is multi, could be simple water cooling, or better evaporative cooling.


Different type compressor the price is different, except this, compressors quantity also influence the price a lot.


4, Vacuum system.


Models shelves area <5m2, only 1 2 stage rotary vane vacuum pump(oil sealed) is ok.


For bigger models may need add roots pump to get better vacuum degree.


The most economic price vacuum pump system and very reliable for freeze dryer running is Leybold or Edwards.


For food machine, some manufacturers may also could install China brand roots pump+water ring pump+slide valve pump etc.  Which is cheap, but some times unstable and efficient is not so good as Leybold.


5, Heating type.


Electric heating the investment is less, structure is simple, but working cost is higher.


Steam heating need complete system to support, investment is a little higher, but when working, its cost is much lower than electric heating.


6, Controller system.


From above information, we could understand the price structure and all of them add up, the total cost will big different, before purchase freeze dryer and lyophilizer, you could consider your budget and indicate us.