Fully Customizable

A success lyophilization result.


It’s true that almost all freeze dryer machine or freeze drying plant is unique, designed individually to fit user’s needs. The only constant is success freeze drying.


VIKUMER can deliver the right size freeze dryer with extraordinary performance to meet your demands, right configuration for your production and process requirements, reduce running cost and eliminate downtime risks.

freeze dryer lyophilizer

Right solutions provide


VIKUMER is one of the earliest enterprise engage in freeze dryer and lyophilizer in China, with 20+ years’ experience in the field, over 200+ units installed worldwide and numerous lab and pilot smaller models delivered, our experience accumulated help us established a solid base of expertise related to the needs of various industries.


Provide as more information of your project, we could rapid help you get the right solutions, our customized products range all of our models: laboratory freeze dryer, pilot freeze dryer, industrial freeze dryer, freeze drying plants, freeze drying factory build etc.

Application support


Freeze drying/lyophilization is very widely use for products dehydration, the attractive freeze dried products quality (original shape, taste, flavor, color, original properties), by add water or solvents could reconstituted easily and quickly. More enterprise step into freeze dried market with the increase market demand and customer preference.


In principle, success freeze drying is not a problem at all, the key point is budget control, as this drying method is one of the most expensive unit operations in a complete manufacturing line because of the slow drying rate arising from inefficient heat transfer, and the high investment and operating costs. Cycle optimization is, therefore, crucial, especially for products produced on a large scale, where the cost factor increases significantly with time spent in the Freeze Dryer. A fully optimized cycle uses only the energy and time required, resulting in shorter process time and higher product throughput. Most importantly, it ensures optimum product quality and consistency between batches.


In our documents have record hundreds of products success freeze drying cases for your reference, also guide you optimization your freeze drying.