About Us

Company Introduction:

VIKUMER is a known Freeze Dryer & Lyophilizer Supplier locate in Shenzhen, China. Also, we are one of the earliest enterprise in China engage in freeze drying equipment, in the past 2 decades, VIKUMER have get remarkable achievement in the field: High efficient, Reliable, Stable etc. our products’ features have known by global customer and have supplied over 200 sets commercial and industrial freeze dryers around the world, as well as numerous lab/pilot models.


VIKUMER direct involve in manufacturing, we have well-developed quality control system and skilled QA team stay in workshop supervise the production, strongly ensure the manufacturing qualify our state of the art design.


Supply Ability:

We have an experienced engineer team that close with you, consider all factors and provide you the best freeze drying solutions according to user requirements or specifications you listed. Also, could design your freeze dry machine with cost-effective price meet your budget control, 12months full warranty for all our freeze dryers, permanent technical support provide.


Product Range:



Now you could consult and purchase any type batch freeze dryers from VIKUMER, check our products below, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have interest.